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Expectancy can sometimes lead to utter falsehoods. In our world, there may be a belief in balancing out abundances. By that I mean, that we may have been quite insidiously taught an all pervasive belief in “ not enough ness”. These two ideas generally come together in the end result of believing that if I get my most desired outcome, someone else is being deprived, in some way. This probably feels familiar somewhere deep inside of you. How could there be more than enough to have AND to share? Infinite giving is the unrivaled law of nature. When a drop of dew dries, is there not another the following morning?

Sometimes, the fluid naturalness of acceptance can become it’s own stumbling block. Who wants abundant riches if it deprives another? This familiar refrain impedes our acceptance of that which is our original birthright.

These twins of expectancy and acceptance assist in the Universe’s finding a container for it’s most sumptuous appearances on the planet. YOU are the vessel of infinite goodness! Expect and accept- two wondrously organic action tools!

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