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Updated: May 30, 2022


This is one of the tenets that may feel the most obvious. When we are grateful, the vibration of our entire Being shifts and changes. And, gratitude is actually an energetic. Embodying this energetic unlocks the floodgates of Lavish Abundance! It brings us into direct Harmony with the Universal Systems of Circulation.

We get to be appreciative of everything, even the seemingly incongruous happenings by ensconcing ourselves completely into the Vibration of Gratitude. And, this begins with perspective shift. By accepting that in the midst of it all, the goodness of the Universe is discovering Itself as YOU, the shift radiates from your every thought, emotion, and belief. It may begin with small steps of trust, and before you know it, kapow! , you are in the Flow of Richness!

Remember learning to ride a bike, read a book, play an instrument, or even brush your teeth? Same vibration, same ease of growth- Gratitude energized as YOU!

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