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Sometimes in adulthood, our capacity to dream or imagine becomes obscured. The responsibilities of our lives can encroach upon the parts of our existence which are the fuel propelling us into our most lavish richness. This fuel is Imagination and Dreams!

Dreams and imagination are the twin openers to the infinitely abundant YOU!From imagination, dreams trickle into your awareness. In dreams and imagination, all of the riches of the cosmos await your recognition from the eternal and bespoke blueprints within your heart. Imagination brings into being the desires of the energies of the planets. These nuggets of imagination, and vivid dreams are the Universal Prosperity Essences created through YOU.

So, now is the moment to wildly dream, imagine, and accept your Thriving Self! Circulate your currency of abundance by spending 15 minutes daily in Dreams and Imagination. Chronicle your wondrous discoveries!

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