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Updated: May 30, 2022

In the course of my journey of life, I have discovered 12 tenets of Prosperity that are my gifts to share. These tenets have transformed my life immeasurably from impoverished despair to blissful fulfillment, beyond my imagination. Are you open, ready, and willing to embark upon the Adventure of Abundance As YOU?


More than accepting your physical body and/or your circumstances, you get to plunge into Self Love in every facet of your life. You actually get to love the parts of you that you would rather overlook, while rejoicing in the parts that you already describe as magnificent.

Accomplishing this tenet requires opening your your heart to shift your perspective. Opening to every happening as blessings activates our "love muscle" growing, building , and re-sculpting our beliefs and responses. This then begins the return to the Purity, Radiance, and Infinite Eminence that You are. Yes, YOU!!

So, from this moment forward, when you think of, encounter, or envision yourself, I invite you to think LOVE. No matter the circumstance, LOVE yourself knowing that LOVE fuels all. And you are a sacred vessel of LOVE. Watch how your vibration of Prosperity shifts.....

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