• Verona Garland



Let me ask you, what’s your response to finding coins on the street, in the crevices of your car or couch, and even in the bottom of your favorite bag? Perhaps you feel exasperated or even bothered. After all, you are concentrating and focusing on being PROSPEROUS!

Here’s the news flash: Source Energy is also focusing concentration on Abundance as You. These seeming bits of money are the touchstones, hints, reminders, and talismans of Lavish Richness that awaits your permission to ooze, flow, gush, and stream into life’s richness through you. Yes, this is an axiom that’s been known far and wide in ancient wisdom.

NOW is the time to take heed !! Embark upon the journey of embracing the deluge of richness, plenty, and goodness in every facet of YOU!!!

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