Rev Verona is an Emerson Theological Institute credentialed Interfaith and Religious Science Minister.

With the recent launch of “ Uniting In Love”, which celebrates life’s passages, her joint ministries ( Blossoming Truth Global Ministries) expansively serve in delight, joy, exhilaration, and sacred thanksgivings.

Rev Verona’s ministerial endeavors include inspirational speaking, spiritual counseling, curriculum writing, teaching, Playshops, and global exploration in Oneness. She specializes in abundance mentoring, prospering possibilities, and ageless source and supply teachings. As a Certified Freedom Coach, she brings emotional integration processes to the depths of transformative growth.

Rev Verona’s verve, effervescence, and joy are  sourced in her desire to serve, grow in, and radiate the Divine. In playfulness, innovation, and sacredness she holds, uplifts, and affirms all Beings in the discovery, acceptance, and celebration of their own Luminescence, Power, and Presence!

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