• Verona Garland



This could be one of the most misunderstood of the Prosperity Tenets. What could forgiveness possibly have to do with Abundance as You?

When we build a dam, it impedes the natural flow of any entity. By holding onto unforgiveness, we may be damming up our plentitude. Let’s be crystal clear, forgiveness has little to do with forgetting. When we forgive, we discern the ways in which we feel wronged, and then we purposefully release that behaviour from our vibrational essence. We also learn to accept that living this particular lesson needn’t be experienced in this way again. We are now wiser, clearer, and more aware.

Compassion becomes our tool of transformation. And, to remember a cardinal rule of expansive living- at any given time, each one is doing the very best that they can in that moment enhances our healing.

Beginning upon this forgiveness journey by beginning with ourselves is the key unlocking the gates of abundance.

I forgive me first….

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